Local Turquoise

First of all, below are examples of turquoise that are verified as having come from the stated mines. Consequently, they have very distinct characteristics.


Most noteworthy, many turquoise samples are hard to identify, as they resemble characteristics from similar mines. Moreover,  Kingman Turquoise Mine has 30 colors of turquoise identified.  Likewise, unless you receive your turquoise from the miner or have direct knowledge of its origin, it may resemble turquoise have come from any number of mines.

First of all, here is Sleeping Beauty Turquoise from Globe, Arizona (Mine is now closed)

  • Equally important, it is the preferred turquoise of the Zuni, for inlay purposes, due to uniform clear blue color.

  • As a matter of fact, this specimen is natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise…as it came from the ground.

  • Likewise, we purchase this example from a Sleeping Beauty mine supervisor who works in the 1970’s

Morenci High Grade Turquoise Nugget
Sleeping Beauty High Grade Turquoise Nugget                                                                      
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise crystallized nuggets
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise crystallized nuggets                                                                             

Bisbee Turquoise

  • Equally important, this example is from the Bisbee lavender pit mine (last open in the 1970’s)

  • One of the rarest and most sought after variety of turquoise in the world

  • Equally important, these are cut slabs of natural turquoise, as the turquoise came from the ground

  • In addition, we purchase these slabs from a turquoise dealer who bought the turquoise in Bisbee, Arizona



Bisbee Turquoise Spiderweb
Bisbee Turquoise Spiderweb Cabochons                                                                                                                     

Kingman Arizona Turquoise (Stabilized)

  • As a matter of fact, Most Kingman Turquoise is stabilized
  • Not to mention, Kingman Turquoise comes in a variety of patterns and colors
Kingman Turquoise
Kingman Turquoise                                               

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